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What type of student are you?

You may be considering an apprenticeship or going to university, these are both tough and exciting decisions. To help you make an informed and ambitious decision about your future we’ve gathered a wide range of resources to help you explore the benefits of higher education and how to get there.

What does it mean?

Definition of FE

FE stands for Further Education; this is what you study after year 11 and includes apprenticeships, traineeships, college, and sixth form.

Definition of HE

HE stands for Higher Education; this is optional after you turn 18 and complete your FE studies. It includes university and apprenticeships.

Definition of Sandwich Course

This is a four-year degree course where you spend one year on a work experience placement between your second and final year of study.

Definition of Russell Group

The Russell Group is a collection of 24 UK universities which often have high entry requirements.

Definition of Foundation Year

You may be asked to complete a Foundation Degree/Year if you didn’t study the right A Level or achieve the desired grade. It’s a great way to be able to still do the degree you’ve always wanted and enhance your knowledge!

Definition of Undergraduate

You are an undergraduate if you are studying your first degree (which usually takes 3-4 years).

Definition of Graduate

Someone who has successfully completed their degree.

Definition of Prospectus

Printed or online brochures produced by a university or college to advertise their institution and their courses to encourage students to apply.

Definition of Personal Statement

A personal statement supports your application to study at university or college. It is a chance for you to share why you would like to study a particular course and what skills and experience you have that show your passion for the subject.

Definition of UCAS

Short for ‘Universities and Colleges Admission Service’; it is the organisation that handles most applications for undergraduate courses in the UK.

Careers and employability

Universities and colleges offer a wide range of services to help students launch their career, through careers services, on-campus jobs, and graduate opportunities. These services can help you investigate your career options, organise your career plans, and develop the important skills you need to make these plans happen. In addition to this, you may be able to access funding to support a business idea or charity you want to launch, and receive advice from a business adviser.

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