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Free online course launched to boost Maths skills


The University of Wolverhampton has launched a free, self-paced online maths course to help students sharpen their maths skills and to appreciate some of the weird and wonderful applications of maths in the real world.

The ‘Maths Hangout course’, funded by Aspire to HE, is a free online course is aimed at anyone wishing to boost their maths skills to a level comparable with GCSE maths.

The course is divided into sections with a short video, handouts and quizzes available for each category to enable participants to test and improve their understanding.

The course has been designed and developed by the University’s School of Mathematics and Computer Science team members Liam Naughton, Abigail Parkes, Jordan Brennan, Elouise Foster and Emily Rodden.

Dr. Liam Naughton, Senior Lecturer in Mathematics, said: “This fantastic resource has been created to map to the school curricula plus extra sections emphasising application of familiar maths in unfamiliar places.

“This year, our Maths Hangouts focus on the emphasis on applying fundamental maths to problems in the real world – seeing maths in action helps learners to grasp the importance of fundamental concepts.

“There are eleven sections on fundamentals and six application sections. With the current situation regarding lockdowns and exams, students still need to keep their maths skills sharp for their future studies and this course will help them to do that.

“We would like to thank Aspire to HE for their continued support in this initiative and hope that students find the course beneficial.”

To register in the Maths Hangout course, click here.

For further information about the Maths Hangout course, contact Liam Naughton

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