19.07.18 | Blog

Right Track Summer School Diaries

Three pupil’s diary extracts from this years’ Right Track summer school.

Pupil from Shelfield Academy, Wolverhampton
8 July 2018

I feel excited about the Right Track summer school and even brought my dressing gown and slippers. I ‘m a little bit nervous but my friends are coming too so it’s OK.

9 July 2018
Today, I feel tired but I enjoyed the pub quiz. I haven’t enjoyed not being able to go upstairs to my friend’s room.

10 July 2018
I feel tired again today and I’ve had fun but felt ill halfway through the day. I enjoyed the disco and BBQ. I also enjoyed the graphic design, subject taster session and my team won best idea for a trainer design. I really didn’t enjoy packing and feel sad to leave. I will miss being here but I’m excited to see my cat.

I would like to thank all the Aspire to HE staff – you did amazing.

I couldn’t stay any longer, mind. I would stay but it’s coming home!!!

Pupil from Walsall Academy
8 July 2018
Before I came, I was nervous but very excited to come to the summer school and socialise with other kids I didn’t know. I also like having my own dorm and learn what it’s like to live at university and experience university life.
I feel tired after everything we have done today but I have enjoyed the quiz and having student social time where everybody got the chance to speak and play football and Twister. There’s nothing I didn’t enjoy and I had a good first day.

9 July 2018
Today, we have had taster sessions on nursing, politics and graphic design. I had a lot of fun in these sessions, especially the nursing session as I want to become a nurse when I’m older and I enjoyed hearing about it.

10 July 2018
Later on in the day, we had a BBQ and disco and what was included was amazing. We had sweets, candy floss and a photo booth, and I had pictures with all my friends.

I feel sad about going home because I have met new friends and I’ve had an amazing first experience and loved every bit of it. It has been so fun and I’m going to miss it a lot.

Thank you to all the staff including, the student ambassadors, they have done an amazing job at keeping us safe. You all made me settle in and feel comfortable but I can’t wait to go home because of the football.

Pupil from Woodgreen Academy
8 July 2018
Today, I felt quite anxious and initially wanted to go home. I didn’t know anyone here and so I felt awkward.

9 July 2018
Today, I have enjoyed making new friends. Today, I felt more confident and was beginning to come out of my comfort zone.

10 July 2018
Today was by far the best day. I made more friends and the BBQ and disco was the best. I got along with everyone and saw it as an opportunity to meet even more people.

I am sad to be leaving and wanted to stay longer. I feel I came out of my comfort zone on the second day and by then it was too late.

But, I want to say, thank you! I am very grateful for this opportunity and I have enjoyed every second of it.

I wish it would have been for a week instead of three days!