01.05.20 | Blog

Aspire to HE Poster Challenge

In our new Aspire to HE newsletters we will be setting a weekly challenge for students to complete, taking part is not compulsory but there is a prize to be won!

This week, for the chance to win a £20 Amazon voucher we want students to create a motivational poster! You could paint, draw, use a programme like Word or Publisher or have a go at using Canva to create an animated graphic for social media.

Before starting, think about your goals, long term and short term. Is there something you want to achieve whilst you’re at home? Do you have a dream job or career that you’re aiming for? What do you need to do to achieve your goals?

Don’t forget to share your poster with your family and friends, it might help them feel motivated too. For a chance to win an Amazon voucher, you can share your poster with us by email (aspiretohe@wlv.ac.uk) or social media.

Our team has shared their own posters to give you some inspiration, you can find them on our Instagram!

Aspire to HE Instagram