Image capture policy

Images of children or young people will only be taken with the explicit and informed consent of the parent/carer, and only in situations which would not compromise the rights or safety of the child/children.

Images of individual adults will only be taken with permission, if the image is for use in publicity material or to be held on an Aspire to HE system. Such consent will be requested in writing.

Images taken in rooms used for teaching and learning, including classrooms, studios, labs and learning centres, other than for the purpose of teaching/learning and assessment, shall be with the consent of the person responsible for the physical environment and the individuals present who may be in the image/recording.

Images taken at functions or events cannot easily be on a consent basis. Individuals should be made aware, in booklets, handouts or announcements that photography and/or video recording will be taking place. If anyone requests that their image is not used in publications then such requests will be respected.

In all circumstances, we will alert adults and children about photographic/recording activity by placing a sign in the vicinity of the area or making an announcement where the activity is taking place.

Where events are arranged with schools or colleges, the consent of parents or carers should be obtained by the school or college on Aspire to HE’s behalf and a copy provided for Aspire to HE records. When requesting consent, we will fully inform you of all the uses which may be made of the photograph or recording, e.g. the image/recording may be used
for marketing purposes including use in our publications and website.

Consent applies for a limited time only and images will be stored securely so that it is clear when consent expires and images of children, and adults can be removed where consent is withdrawn.