02.03.20 | Blog

Preparing to Succeed: 999 Emergency Response day

On Wednesday 26 February 2020, students from local schools and colleges across the region visited the University of Wolverhampton, Walsall Campus, for a day of hands-on activities and subject taster sessions.

The ‘Preparing to Succeed: 999 Emergency Response’ project has been developed and delivered in collaboration, by the Faculty of Education, Health and Wellbeing and the Aspire to HE team.  The aim of this project is to provide young people with the opportunity to engage with a wide range of health and social care professions and to understand the contribution that those professions make in a real life emergency scenario.

The  first event, for students in sixth form and colleges, was opened by Associate Dean Kay Biscomb with a video that portrayed the events leading up to an emergency scenario. Students then rotated around a series of 3 workshops in Paramedic Science, Nursing, and Journalism.

Meeting both staff and students from the Paramedic Science course, learners were provided with an insight into how emergency calls are directed, what members of the public can do whilst waiting for an ambulance to arrive, and a hands-on demonstration of CPR. In the Nursing workshop students were shown how a patient is assessed upon arrival to an A&E department, this took place in a Nursing Lab, which provided a real insight into life as a Student Nurse.

Following lunch, the afternoon session started with a second video that portrayed the events 6 months after the emergency scenario that had been seen in the morning. The students then rotated around an additional 3 workshops in Social Work, Psychology, and Physiotherapy, to explore and understand how these career paths might support a person and their family at a later stage of recovery.

Learners looked at the emotional and social support families may need to recover after an emergency incident in the Social Work and Psychology session, and also the career pathways to enter into those professions. Finally, the Physiotherapy workshop gave students a demonstration of rehabilitation exercises for a person recovering from an injury.

When asked what they had gained from the day, students commented:

“I defo want to go to Uni now”
“The biggest thing I’ve learnt today is that I have the ability to change my mind and that I shouldn’t limit myself as I have the ability to do a course that may be difficult”
“I know that I don’t have to finalise anything right now and that University will be a good choice for me”
“I can choose whatever I want to pursue, as long as I love it”
“It’s widened my knowledge of career opportunities that I could go into”

There are a further 2 ‘Preparing to Succeed: 999 Emergency Response’ events, due to take place in March and June 2020.

Aspire to HE Faculty Programme

The ‘Preparing to Succeed: 999 Emergency Response’ programme is funded by Aspire to HE, and part of a large portfolio of faculty projects being delivered collaboratively within the University.

Other projects have included the ‘Master the Mainframe, delivered by the Faculty of Science and Engineering, ‘Aspire through Sport’ which was led by the Institute of Sport and also ‘Marketing in the Spotlight’ an event delivered by the Wolverhampton Business School.

Applications are currently open to bid for project funding from Aspire to HE for the next academic year, with the aim of delivering exciting and engaging outreach events for schools and colleges in the local and surrounding area.

For more information, on the Preparing to Succeed: 999 Emergency Response project, or to request an application for funding, please contact Serina Autwal (email – s.autwal@wlv.ac.uk).