Parents and Carers

Aspire to HE is working with your child’s school to make sure that they are able to make an informed choice about progressing to higher education.

A young person may be considering an apprenticeship or going to university, these are both tough and exciting decisions. To help your child make an informed and ambitious decision about their future we’ve gathered a wide range of resources to help explore the benefits of higher education and how to get there.

Aspire to HE works with schools across the region to give young people the chance to visit our partner colleges and the University of Wolverhampton. They will have the opportunity to explore their options, discover what higher education is really like, and how they can achieve your future career ambitions.

There are lots of decisions that you have to make before you can start university or an apprenticeship, and we know that it might seem quite overwhelming! You might be choosing a place to continue your education, or choosing what type of study you’d like to do (such as A Levels or BTECs) or you might be stuck knowing what subjects or apprenticeship field to pick.

For more information, guidance and resources, visit our learner page.