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Mastering the Mainframe

Day 12 of #12AspireDaysOfChristmas

Throughout December, the Aspire to HE team will be highlighting some of their favourite events and programmes from 2019 in the #12AspireDaysOfChristmas2019

Mastering the Mainframe, chosen by Hannah our Data Officer

Students took part in a hands-on workshop that used specialist large scale computing technology, which in the real world is used by banks, airlines and major retailers. Industry specialists, University of Wolverhampton lecturers, and current students delivered the workshop.

Why have you chosen the Mastering the Mainframe as your favourite Aspire to HE activity of 2019?

Hannah: I really enjoyed visiting Master the Mainframe – one of our on-campus faculty projects! As a member of the Data Team it was really nice to get out of the office and visit other likeminded people! The students engaged well with the challenges and were all helping and supporting each other. The university of Wolverhampton students helping were so enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the subject, that it gave it a nice buzz!

I just wish I could have spent the whole day taking part in the online challenge!

Mastering the Mainframe – University of Wolverhampton Faculty Project

Many students are more likely to associate university study with debt rather than good careers at high profile companies and not all students understand the role of universities in connecting them with major companies in the technology and finance sectors. In partnership with IBM and other potential employers, this programme aimed to illustrate how university level study in Computer Science is a pathway to employment, and to give young people a head start on the specialist skills required to make them most of opportunities in the sector.

Students took part in a hands-on workshop using specialist large scale computing technology that runs banks, airlines and major retailers, which is different to what they may have experienced before. Industry specialists (including speakers from IBM) and University of Wolverhampton lecturers delivered the workshop, which gave young people the opportunity to find out more about designing new systems, and how enterprise-computing knowledge can lead to a great career.

Current students studying Computer Science at the University also joined students taking part in the visit to share their experience of life at university.

Using the IBM platform, students worked in groups to create their own computer mainframes. They developed a wide range of ideas including a system that could track lost pets, a language learning system and a virtual queuing system for their school canteen.

There were prizes on each day for the best contributions and where possible, they will be entered into the national competition. After the event, schools/colleges can continue to participate in the competition to be in with a chance of winning additional prizes.